May 20, 2024


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: The American Accountability Foundation (AAF) is proud to announce that we are the recipients of the Heritage Foundation’s Heritage Innovation Prize. This is a great honor. This prize has enabled us to announce an important new initiative:…
Yitz Friedman
May 9, 2024

PRESS RELEASE: Docs reveal Oklahoma AG Gentner Drummond’s secret ties to BlackRock

For immediate release: 5/9/2024 Tonight, Oklahoma Attorney General Genter Drummond announced that he is taking control of Treasurer Todd Russ’s case against BlackRock. However, documents obtained by the American Accountability Foundation show that his actions tonight are motivated, not by…
Yitz Friedman
March 21, 2024

AAF Accuses Biden Judicial Nominee Of Trying To Cover Up Financial Conflicts, Demands He Withdraw

THE DAILY CALLER: A Biden judicial nominee under fire for ties to an anti-Israel group is now facing a call by the conservative watchdog American Accountability Foundation (AAF) to withdraw for failing to disclose the sources of his income. AAF…
Yitz Friedman
February 29, 2024


American Accountability Foundation has just filed ethics complaints against Fani Willis and Nathan Wade with the Georgia state bar. We are requesting that the state bar open disciplinary proceedings against Willis and Wade immediately, ultimately leading to their disbarment. Fox News reports: Georgia prosecutor Fani…
Yitz Friedman
February 13, 2024

AAF exposes John Arnold recruitment of conservative lobbyists

THE DAILY SIGNAL: A company run by a liberal billionaire dubbed by some as the “next George Soros” employs former senior Republican staffers on Capitol Hill in what a watchdog group warns is an effort to sway GOP lawmakers to move to…
Yitz Friedman
January 26, 2024

AAF exposes woke ESG activism of Nevada pension system

THE DAILY CALLER: Asset managers have repeatedly leveraged Nevadans’ pension funds to push for racial equity initiatives and climate-related proposals within publicly traded companies since 2022, according to a report from conservative watchdog group American Accountability Foundation (AAF). Nevada Public…
Yitz Friedman
January 26, 2024

AAF exposes leftist activism of billionaire John Arnold

American Accountability Foundation has released a comprehensive report detailing the activities of liberal billionaire John Arnold: WASHINGTON FREE BEACON: A Texas billionaire is on track to replace George Soros as the largest donor in the fight to remake America's criminal…
Yitz Friedman
November 28, 2023

Sens. Vance and Braun demands IRS halt ‘harassment’ of conservative organizations after watchdog reportedly audited

FOX NEWS: Sen. JD Vance, R-Ohio, is expected to send a letter Thursday morning to the IRS commissioner demanding a halt to "harassment" of conservative organizations. Sen. Mike Braun, R-IN, cosigned the letter. The letter comes after the IRS informed the American Accountability…
Yitz Friedman
November 6, 2023


POLITICIZED IRS OPENS INVESTIGATION INTO AMERICAN ACCOUNTABILITY FOUNDATION AFTER EXPOSING BIDEN NOMINEES The American Accountability Foundation, which exposed IRS abuse, now the target of it. WASHINGTON, D.C. – The American Accountability Foundation (AAF) has recently been informed that its 501(c)(3) tax-exempt…
Yitz Friedman
October 20, 2023

BREAKING: AAF letter demands full investigation into Claire Trickler-McNulty

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Today the American Accountability Foundation is writing to Joseph V. Cuffari, Inspector General of the Department of Homeland Security, requesting an investigation into Immigration Customs and Enforcement’s (ICE’s) Assistant Director at the Office of Immigration Program Evaluation,…
Yitz Friedman
September 19, 2023

AAF reveals Center for Countering Digital Hate’s ties to British government

WASHINGTONEXAMINER: A self-described "disinformation" tracker that Republicans accuse of helping to censor conservative voices online has shared ties with the British government, according to records. As part of his sprawling "censorship" investigation, House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan (R-OH) in August subpoenaed the Center for Countering Digital…
Yitz Friedman
August 21, 2023

AAF’s bombshell report reveals ALA president Emily Drabinski’s woke agenda

It is a blatantly obvious and self-evident truth that politics and pornography have no place in our children’s libraries. Yet a shocking investigation by AAF has revealed that the president of the American Library Foundation Emily Drabinski, a self-described Marxist,…
Yitz Friedman
August 17, 2023

AAF report shows ESG proponents plan to choke off dissent

  Our bombshell investigation has revealed how ESG proponents are working to strangle and inflict financial pain on conservative think tanks and trade associations they disagree with. This is a massive threat to free speech in America. ESG’s goal is…
Yitz Friedman
July 28, 2023

Secret emails reveal true agenda behind Biden fuel efficiency rules

Today the Biden Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration announced that they are beginning the process of “updating” fuel economy standards for passenger cars and trucks. According to a press release, NHTSA’s proposal includes a “2% per year…
Yitz Friedman
July 27, 2023

BREAKING: AAF report exposes Marxist, sexualization agenda at the American Library Association

For nearly 150 years the American Library Association has played a major role in the childhoods and education of millions of Americans. But although historically their influence has been largely positive, an essential investigation by the American Accountability Foundation has revealed that…
Yitz Friedman
July 20, 2023

BREAKING: ‘The Verge’ ANGRY at AAF for tanking Biden’s noms

The nomination of Gigi Sohn, the radical leftist with concerning opinions on everything from America’s police officers to free speech that Joe Biden nominated to the FCC, was sailing along. All was going well. It appeared that Sohn would indeed…
Yitz Friedman
July 19, 2023

AAF uncovers highly partisan writings of State Department legal nominee

The Daily Wire: President Joe Biden’s nominee to a key State Department position has a history of political statements, according to a watchdog group. According to a memo first shared with The Daily Wire from the American Accountability Foundation, Margaret L. Taylor, Biden’s pending nominee for State…
Yitz Friedman
July 16, 2023

AAF exposes Biden NIH nominee’s close ties to Big Pharma

The New York Post: A conservative group is alleging that President Biden’s nominee to helm the National Institutes of Health has “problematic close ties with big pharma.” In a new report, the American Accountability Foundation, a right-leaning watchdog group, highlights NIH nominee…
Yitz Friedman
July 13, 2023

PRESS RELEASE: ESG giant testifies before Congress

For immediate release: July 13, 2023 Today, representatives of proxy voting firms Glass Lewis and ISS testified before the House Financial Services Committee Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations. We applaud the Committee’s effort to hold proxy voting firms accountable. These…
Yitz Friedman
July 10, 2023

BREAKING: AAF files Inspector General complaint against Biden Joint Chiefs nominee

For immediate release: July 10, 2023   Re: AAF Files Inspector General Complaint Against General C.Q. Brown for Race Based Hiring The American Accountability Foundation (AAF) is extremely concerned by statements and official actions made by President Joe Biden’s nominee…
Yitz Friedman
June 28, 2023

BREAKING: AAF exposes Biden’s Joint Chiefs Chairman pick’s obsession with race-based hiring

It's all on video here! From FOX NEWS: A conservative watchdog group is accusing Air Force Gen. Charles Q. Brown Jr. of embracing race-based hiring and promotions in the military for the sake of "diversity." The American Accountability Foundation (AAF),…
Yitz Friedman
June 26, 2023

AAF EXPOSES Biden admin, top Dems’ plot to make AI woke

From the NEW YORK POST: A conservative group is accusing the White House and powerful Democrats and liberals of scheming to “make AI woke.” Pointing to public plans for training AI systems to be more inclusive and less prone to “harmful bias”…
Yitz Friedman
June 23, 2023

AAF EXPOSES Key Biden Safety Official’s Link To Apartment Building With History Of Safety Violations

FROM THE DAILY WIRE: A key Biden administration official at the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is tied to an apartment building in Los Angeles that has a history of serious safety violations, according to a watchdog organization. Code inspection reports obtained by…
Yitz Friedman
June 9, 2023

BREAKING: MLB linked text line sends users to ‘sexually perverse’ youth LGBTQ chat room

You may want to think twice before allowing your kids to watch Major League Baseball. As fans of America’s Pastime may have noticed, MLB has been promoting “Mental Health & Well-Being,” as has partnered with “a Crisis Text Line, a free,…
Yitz Friedman