Secret emails reveal true agenda behind Biden fuel efficiency rules

Today the Biden Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration announced that they are beginning the process of “updating” fuel economy standards for passenger cars and trucks.

According to a press release, NHTSA’s proposal includes a “2% per year improvement in fuel efficiency for passenger cars, and a 4% per year improvement for light trucks, beginning in model year 2027 and ramping up through model year 2032, potentially reaching an average fleet fuel economy of 58 miles per gallon by 2032.”

In addition, it includes a “10% improvement per year for commercial pickup trucks and work vans (with gross vehicle weight ratings of more than 8,500 pounds and less than 14,001 pounds) beginning in model year 2030 and ramping up through model year 2035.”

These draconian measures in the name of “efficiency” would effectively make electric vehicles mandatory in this country by forcefully limiting Americans’ options. In the name of fighting climate change, the Biden administration is seeking to bend the American people to their will through government coercion. They don’t trust us to make our own choices, and so have decided to make our choices for us.

This isn’t speculation. We know the plan is to eradicate gas vehicles because we have obtained emails by NHTSA Acting Administrator Ann Carlson revealing a desire to do just that.