The American Accountability Foundation is a non-profit government oversight and research organization that uses investigative tools to educate the public on issues related to personnel, policy, and spending. AAF deploys aggressive research and investigations to advance conservative messaging, rapid response, and Congressional investigations; while heavily scrutinizing politicians and establishment organizations, policies, and projects.

In just two short years, AAF has amassed significant victories in the pursuit of transparency and accountability for the American people.

The blocking of so many Biden nominees has made it significantly harder for the President and his Administration to enact policies that they were elected to implement. – The New Yorker

In March of 2023, after a year and half of educating policymakers and thought leaders, as well as the American public about President Joe Biden’s FCC nominee, Gigi Sohn, AAF was pleased that she withdrew her nomination. AAF ran hundreds of thousands of dollars in billboards, newspaper ads, and digital advertise to educate the American people how wrong she was for the position. Gigi Sohn was just the most recent of multiple Biden Administration nominees that AAF has successfully, a project of AAF, has educated thousands of Americans on the liberal bias and woke ideologies of many Biden Administration officials and has become a go-to resource for policy makers and their staffs as they consider political nominations.

AAF has also led the effort to hold radical Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez accountable for her blatant Congressional Ethics violation as she claimed attending the $35,000 per plate Met Gala in New York City was part of her “official duties”.