AAF Accuses Biden Judicial Nominee Of Trying To Cover Up Financial Conflicts, Demands He Withdraw


A Biden judicial nominee under fire for ties to an anti-Israel group is now facing a call by the conservative watchdog American Accountability Foundation (AAF) to withdraw for failing to disclose the sources of his income.

AAF sent Adeel Mangi a letter Thursday demanding he ask President Joe Biden to withdraw his nomination for the Third Circuit Court of Appeals, calling Mangi’s failure to include income sources on his Financial Disclosure Report “disqualifying.” Though the White House has doubled down on its support for Mangi, at least one Senate Democrat, Nevada Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto, said Tuesday she would not support him.

“Despite your extensive legal education and your years as a partner at a prestigious law firm you were unable to complete this vital disclosure form with the level of disclosure required by law,” AAF’s letter states. “After reviewing how unambiguous and straightforward the guidance is and understanding your level of professional legal education, it is difficult to come to any conclusion other than you were attempting to withhold vital information from the public.”

AAF noted the income source information omitted on his report is “vital to understanding what specific conflicts of interest [an] attorney may have before assuming the bench.”