American Accountability Foundation has just filed ethics complaints against Fani Willis and Nathan Wade with the Georgia state bar.

We are requesting that the state bar open disciplinary proceedings against Willis and Wade immediately, ultimately leading to their disbarment.

Fox News reportsGeorgia prosecutor Fani Willis and her former lover Nathan Wade are facing two ethics complaints from a conservative government watchdog group based on their court testimony on allegations they had an ‘improper’ affair.

The American Accountability Foundation (AAF) is requesting that the Georgia state bar open disciplinary proceedings against the Fulton County DA and Wade for violations of the Georgia Rules of Professional Conduct.

AAF is alleging Wade lied under oath about his relationship with Willis, and alleging that Willis admitted to keeping campaign money for personal use on the witness stand.

Wade’s lies:

Wade lied under oath about his relationship with Willis When asked on an interrogatory to “describe each instance in which you have had sexual relations with a person other than your spouse during the course of the marriage,” he said, “none.”

Wade testified that his marriage “was irretrievably broken in 2015” but that he and his wife agreed to delay a divorce for the sake of their children. It is simply not credible that Mr. Wade did not know that he had sexual relations with Ms. Willis when he replied to the interrogatories above in his divorce case. Put simply, it is clear Mr. Wade knew that he had had sex with Ms. Willis, and he knew that at the time he was still married, and he simply lied in the interrogatories.

Willis’s confession:

Willis admitted to keeping campaign money for personal use on the witness stand.

The statute is unambiguous – and the facts are not in dispute – as Ms. Willis described in her testimony, she placed the money that was intended for her campaign into a “fungible” slush fund with other moneys that she would use for various other purposes, including reimbursing her boyfriend for leisure travel.