BREAKING: ‘The Verge’ ANGRY at AAF for tanking Biden’s noms

The nomination of Gigi Sohn, the radical leftist with concerning opinions on everything from America’s police officers to free speech that Joe Biden nominated to the FCC, was sailing along. All was going well.

It appeared that Sohn would indeed become a commissioner of the Federal Communications Commission.

But then everything changed. The American people found out the truth about Sohn, and her nomination floundered until she was forced to withdraw.

What happened?

According to an article by The Verge, “Sohn, it turned out, had drawn the attention of the American Accountability Foundation (AAF).”

The article continues: “[AAF’s] playbook often worked” and “Other Biden nominees have struggled to cross the confirmation finish line over the last few years. Some were even targets of AAF.”

Although the article tries to paint us as some kind of dark conspiracy, we are proud to be doing the important work of informing the American people about what Biden is up to.

We are proud to have tanked a number of Biden’s extremist nominees.

We will never back down.


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