AAF exposes leftist activism of billionaire John Arnold

American Accountability Foundation has released a comprehensive report detailing the activities of liberal billionaire John Arnold:

WASHINGTON FREE BEACON: A Texas billionaire is on track to replace George Soros as the largest donor in the fight to remake America’s criminal justice system.

Former Enron executive John Arnold has poured more than $46 million into criminal justice efforts since 2019, exceeding the $40 million that Soros has spent over the past decade to elect liberal prosecutors across the country. Arnold’s efforts are largely focused on his Public Safety Assessment program, a free algorithm that recommends whether judges should grant bail. Arnold tapped Democratic staffers and Obama administration officials to lead the program, which has a history of recommending bail for repeat offenders.

Arnold’s bail tool uses an algorithm to predict the likelihood that a defendant will commit crimes while out on bail from jail and whether the defendant will show up to court if released. If the suspect scores low enough, the tool will recommend that the judge grant bail.

Arnold tapped Virginia Bersch, who was the chief of policy, research, and training at the Maryland Governor’s Office of Crime Control & Prevention under former Democratic governor Martin O’Malley, to lead the Public Safety Assessment tool’s rollout. Arnold Ventures vice president Juliene James, who oversees Arnold’s criminal justice reform efforts, served four years in the Obama Justice Department as a senior policy adviser.

Bersch and James are among the several liberal government staffers whom Arnold has hired to help push his criminal justice reform policies, according to an American Accountability Foundation report.