A deep dive into the WOKE ‘deep state’

As Americans awaken to the colossal danger ESG poses to our republic, conservative governors and state treasurers are taking on the issue head-on. By using working to ensure their states’ investment funds aren’t supporting woke corporations, they are doing serious damage to the woke agenda.

But the woke don’t sleep. In an all too familiar story in American politics, state bureaucrats and corporations are undermining and sabotaging those efforts. One extremely powerful but little-known firm called Glass Lewis in particular is working with lower-level officials at state funds who are either in on the woke agenda or too ignorant to notice what’s going on.

Take Ohio for example; a solid conservate state with a state government openly opposed to ESG. Yet, as our investigation, published by The Daily Wire, has shown, there is a pattern at Ohio Public Employees Retirement System (OPERS) of woke voting at shareholder meetings