BOMBSHELL: DeSantis’s fight with Disney is being SABOTAGED by “Glass Lewis”

Bob Iger opposed Florida’s Parental Rights bill, participating in the Left’s misinformation campaign labeling it “The Don’t Say Gay Bill,” even before Bob Chapek did, who was Disney’s CEO when the issue was first raised.

“This bill will put vulnerable, young LGBTQ people in jeopardy,” wrote Iger on Twitter on Feb 24, 2022, quote-tweeting President Joe Biden. Yet Florida’s state pension fund, the Florida State Board of Administration (SBA), voted to endorse Bob Iger’s return as Disney CEO by electing him to the company’s board in April 2023.

Not only did Florida vote in favor of Iger’s election despite his and Disney’s campaign to teach radical leftist gender ideology and LGBTQ theories to small children, they voted to elect him even though Iger bashed DeSantis and the state as “anti-business and anti-Florida” at that very shareholder meeting. And despite Florida’s efforts to get Disney to tone down their wokeness, the SBA also voted to make Disney even woker with a “racial and gender pay equity” report at a shareholder meeting in 2022.

What is going on? How does this happen?

Florida has been at the forefront of the fight against ESG and wokeness, and DeSantis has taken repeated actions to specifically make sure the Florida State Board of Administration did not participate in the left’s corporate power-grab. And yet, the state board itself continues to vote at shareholder meetings for woke ESG proposals that would shock Floridians.